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LMD - Sessions started March 2005, New York

Wendy got a call on 3/30 re: man with torn rotator cuffs and major muscle damage with fluid around area of rotator cuffs - scheduled for surgery on one shoulder - Friday, 4/1. he wanted 2 sessions a day for 2 days before the surgery. Wendy did 4 sessions on him in 2 days (3/30-31). He was also suffering from sleep apnea.

Part 1

I had a severely torn rotator cuff upon which I was scheduled to have surgery. I turned to Energy sessions to deal with the situation and make the surgery either unnecessary or at least very minor. This is my report to Wendy Carman, my Energy therapist:

It is now one week since the surgery on my L shoulder to repair a torn rotator cuff. I can type and write very well, although there is still some residual numbness/tingling in parts of three fingers. It's not a problem this early, however, as I'm sure the tissue is still quite pissed about being invaded. lol

The morning of the surgery both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist prepared me for a full open on the shoulder, the more serious procedure. But true to his word, the surgeon told me he'd scope it first to see the damage and, if possible, repair any he could. What he encountered when he got in was obvious. My shoulder was marked with purple pen for three scope holes and a full open. But what I found when I removed the dressing was that he only looked into two spots and went no further. He was able to effect repair with a bare minimum of invasive surgery.

Additionally, my sleep apnea has improved dramatically. According to my roommate, there hasn't been an episode since the surgery. Tomorrow I am seeing the orthopedic surgeon friend of mine who looked at my MRI about 3 weeks before the surgery. He called frop Philly the day after the surgery and sounded shocked out of his gourd that there were only two incisions. His quote when looking at the film was, "Well, Les, you SURE did it right!" I can only imagine what his reaction will be when he sees what range of motion I have.

Part 2

I met with my good friend, the orthopod from Philadelphia. First of all, he was amazed at my range of motion. The fact that I was able to hug both him and his wife hello when we met had his eyes as big as saucers! I also told him that I'm already washing my hair with both hands.

Although I didn't have them with me at the time, he expressed an interest in seeing the photos that my surgeon took of the procedure with a miniscule camera mounted on the end of his surgical instrument. He had reservations that the surgeon actually DID anything, due to the severity of what he had seen earlier on the MRI films and my procedure being so minimal.

When we met up again yesterday (4/10) for breakfast I had the photos with me, which included my surgeon's hand-written notes for each one. As he looked them over he shook his head. My smile was getting bigger and bigger. His wife finally asked, "Well?" He spoke to everyone at the table. "Although your MRI was a bit out of focus when I looked at it, there was no mistaking that you had a big tear. And yet there is nothing in these pictures of the surgery to that effect. In fact, in the surgeon's notes it clearly says, 'no tear'." He went on to say that all the doctor did was grind down some 'burring' of the bone and clean out the site. That's why there were only two incision points for the scope. He finally said that if he hadn't seen it before, during, and after, he wouldn't have believed it. But he does now.





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