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What is pain?

Pain is a messenger identifying the distance between where we are and where we want to be. A pain in an organ, muscle or bone may indicate an actual trauma in that area, but in many cases, the cause of the pain will not be found at its location. It is well known fact that low-back pains can originate from internal organs and high-back pain can originate at the head and neck. And what about emotional and spiritual pains, where are they located? If someone "broke your heart", is your heart broken? It hurts nonetheless.

A small disruption in the function of an organ can cause long-term damages that can manifest as an ailment of a different origin. There are many diseases that do not have any specific source, such are arthritis, asthma, fibromayalgia, or chronic fatigue, just to name a few. They do cause pains while no known cure exists.

So, what is pain? Pain is the messenger telling you that there is some very important business which needs your attention; your body, your mind or your spirit. More often than not we tend to ignore this call, so the messenger becomes louder, which can turn into more acute pains. At the end, we have no choice but to seek help. Modern medicine can provide help in handling the pains. The idea is to manage the pains, and in many cases, we will be prescribed medication to remove the pains, known as Pain Relievers.

Once the pains are gone, we would be given the option of treating the organ or the location where the pain has manifested. Our original problem is still waiting for resolution while our low-back is treated for the pains. The problem with pains is that the message is too vague to be understood while it is easier to look for solution at the most convenient place, the place where it hurts.

One of the common causes of death is a variety of heart problems, yet it is very rare that a person with heart problem will suffer from symptoms directly at the heart, although they do manifest somewhere else in our body. It could be something that has no connection to the primary restriction, which contributes to the confusion surrounding the ailment. Pains in life threatening diseases, are your best friend. They tell you that something important needs your attention.

Quantum Reflections ("QR") offers a fresh attitude toward pains combined with the most advanced human energy procedures that can find the cause of diseases in our body, offering non intervening human energy treatment, accessing the cause of the problem at the same time that medical doctors tend to treating the symptoms. Once the problem has been addressed at the cause level, the pains will disappear.


Causes and Location of Pain




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