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We are already healed

All biological systems operate within energy fields. Changes in the energy fields can affect the biological systems, helping them to maintain their healthy balance or causing ailments and diseases. Energy fields vibrate in a multitude of frequencies and can change their frequency vibration almost instantaneously. The combination of energy frequencies and their vibrations is one reality for us, while a different vibration combination is another reality. Each reality has its own state of health. There is an almost infinite number of realities we can be in, and at least one reality where we are completely healed from all of our ailments.

Energy vibrations are the same matter that sound our radios, color the flowers, and make pictures on our TV screen. There are numerous TV programs received by each TV set, both by cable and by air simultaneously. The reality on our TV screen however, is the one we choose for ourselves while flipping between the channels. There is a range of realities we can choose for ourselves while watching the TV, including one reality where the picture on our TV is no more. We make those choices and we live by them everyday.

The reality of our ailments and health conditions is only one possibility in a range of realities in which we can exist at any given moment.

"With this possibility in mind, each time we are diagnosed with a condition of ill health or disease, we are being shown only one of many possible outcomes for that moment. The diagnosis of a condition is not necessarily either incorrect or correct. In the absence of allowing for other possibilities, it is simply incomplete. In the same moment, another outcome must exist in which the ill health, disease, or condition is not present. Each possibility already exists. Each outcome is real. Through the eyes of the tenet: We're already healed, the difference between outcomes is a matter of our perspective." (excerpt from: Gregg Braden's The Isaiah Effect. Decoding the lost science of prayer and prophecy. Published by Harmony books in 2000).

When ailments become permanent fixtures in our being, we tend to identify ourselves with the ailments. People refer to their ailments as; My "bad" back, leg, shoulder, heart, or my kidney, lung, or stomach "problem", which is a sign of compliance to the familiar reality where one already identifies him or herself with the ailment, and which makes the healing process longer and more difficult. For a healing process to complete, another reality must be adopted in which you are already healed. There is broad agreement among all health professionals for the role of a positive attitude toward one's own state of health as contributor to healing. A positive attitude toward the healing process is another way of saying that there could be another reality in which we are already healed. Consilience can help you realize the possibilities in your situation including one outcome where you are already healed, thus beginning the healing process in you.

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