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Energy Medicine and Quantum Reflections

Quantum Reflections ("QR") is a self-healing approach for wellness. The balance and flow of energy fields in our body can determine our state of health, how we live and for how long. QR is another tool to be used in conjunction with visits to your family doctor.

Disease is the result of imbalance or shifts in energy flows that cannot be resolved. At the cellular level, disease is defined as dysfunction of the cell. The question is what is causing the cellular dysfunction? A close look at our body reveals a living matrix of cells and connecting tissues. Each cell and its DNA material is built from strings of molecules, which by themselves are made of clusters of atoms vibrating in energy fields. In short, we are a giant energy field vibrating in multitude of frequencies.

The biological system we call a physical body is made up of the interactive energy fields around every cell and every system, which balance and support optimum health. When the balance of the interactive energy fields that exist around every system is disrupted, the human body adapts, overloads and breaks down. If nothing is done to correct the disruption, pains and diseases will follow. The diseases, their symptoms and the pains will differ, but the root cause is the same, a disruption to the flow of energy. The Quantum Reflections model restores that balance and support all biological systems.

An illustration of the effect of energy flow distortion is the effect of magnet put on a TV screen. When a magnet is put on one side of a TV screen it pulls the stream of electrons rushing into the screen diverting them toward one side, thus distorting the picture. That is an energy field view of a problem that can cause pain or disease in our body. If another magnet of opposite polarity is than put on the other edge of the distorted picture, it could "straight back" the picture. Some therapies are geared to counter the symptoms in that way; they add something (i.e. massage, heat, pressure, stretching (or cracking), some medication, etc.) that manage the effect of the symptoms. The problem may still exist, but we would feel better for the moment.

Whether the problem is physical, mental or spiritual, whether it is muscle, bone or an internal organ that needs treatment, whether a bone is broken, an artery is clogged, internal wound or ulcer, a malfunction of a gland, breathing problem, or virus attack, just to name a few, there is always energy field distortion at its core. The QR wellness model works with the electromagnetic vibrations of systems of the body in a way that restores its balance at the level of the cause.


DISCLAIMER: Energy Wellness Data on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. You are accountable for your own health and therefore should read all product packaging and information carefully. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, it is your responsibility to contact a qualified health care provider. Disclaimer: Information and statements on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





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