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Body/Mind and Energy

All living things surrounded by fields of energy. This field of energy is part of who we are and helps us to function. This is what is being referred to as Mind/Body and Spirit. These fields of energy have organization and flow. If the flow is disrupted or becomes imbalanced, it can affect our health, including the way we think and behave. This has been proven and documented many times. Perhaps the most scientific approach documented so far is by Harold Saxon Burr of Yale University and Cleve Backster, a polygraph expert.

The space around our body is filled with energy fields.

The Energy Fields provide valuable information to every cell in our body, telling it how to differentiate, what enzymes to produce and provide first level of immunity against bacteria and viruses. Any disease process involves to some degree male function of some energy fields. Any two people can be in position such that their Energy Fields will interfere with each other. This interferance sometimes translates into an intuitive "feeling" of one person toward the other. Family tends to blend their Energy Fields and that is how some diseases are passing from parent to children in a pattern that is labeled "genetic heritage". While only a very few diseases have their roots in DNA dysfunction, there are many diseases that are known to pass in the family. In those cases, curing the problem is possible by attending to the Energy Field dysfunction that was passed from the parent.

Interactions of their Energy Fields between two people

All therapies, regardless of the method they use, produce an exchange of energy between the therapist and the client. The exchange is guided by the therapist's attention and intention processes.

In the following figure, a therapist puts a hand on the upper back of the client. It can be part of massage therapy, physical therapy or chiropractic maneuver. The difference between different techniques that treat the same symptom is where they put the attention and not how they describe the problem and their particular solution.

When part of the body of the client is manipulated by a therapist his/her energy field interferes with the client's body. This causes an exchange of energies that can be used to treat problems.

What makes a therapy technique valuable is not necessarily the technique itself but the ability of the clinician to be aware of the energy process and guide it through the attention and intention on the part of the client that is causing the problem. Everyday another Energy technique sprouts with some convincing results. The common denominator for all techniques is how and where the attention is placed during the engagement. A Therapist that can muster his/her attention and intention to solve the energetic problem of the client can achieve significant changes regardless of the technique they use!





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