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Empowering our healing

Quantum Reflections ("QR") is an empowering paradigm for changing every aspect of our life that we can ever encounter and one that the world has yet to experience. It is a concept of empowerment where we take control and responsibility for our health and for our life. The new empowered self is a person that views life as a path s/he has chosen and where the experiences one has are not random encounters but rather meaningful messages. Things do not simply happen to us unless we allow them. It you walk and bang your hand on an object, it is not a random encounter, it is a warning signal. If you have learned your lesson, recognized the signal and began paying attention to yourself and the surroundings, you will avoid the second bang. If not, you will bang your hand again or twist your ankle or run into something. If you are having an headache for example, and have chosen to deal with it with medication, you have just avoided the signal and it is likely that you will experience headache again. After several more episodes, you will need extra strength medication to counter the headache or begin to suffer from another ailment. Our life is not one path we have to walk through but rather parallel passageways we chose for our journey in life. We are not an innocent bystander watching our life experiences and sicknesses but rather a willing participant. The good news is that we can change course in our life and choose another passageway, one that is more healthy for us.

So how does empowerment help with our health?

If you suffer from an ailment, symptom or condition and you visit physician or any health professional you must also remember that the journey toward health is yours alone. You must walk yourself toward your goal and there are no substitutes along the way. The healthcare provider can offer you a lift along the way but s/he cannot walk it for you. If you are being prescribed medication or treatment for your condition, that treatment is only a temporary relief or a booster for your condition, not the end goal. Unless you take control and responsibility for your condition you could not be completely healed.


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