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The Colors of Energy

Energy is behind all creation. Color is energy made visible while music is the sound of energy. Not all forms of Energy are understood yet. The most profitable product ever invented is perfume. It is all about smelling good. We smell the energy of things, yet we don't know what smell is. So would you say the energy of smell doesn't exist? Whether you believe in the scientific method of separating facts from myths or you are a creationist looking beyond the obvious for explanations of who we are, all can agree that the universe and its inhabitants are all made of small sub atomic particles binding together that have made their way to become stellar material and biological systems.

Einstein was the first one to described matter in terms of Energy, but he was not the first to understand that energy is part of our being. Whether you call it Energy, Prana or Chi, Einstein has created a new paradigm of our existence that we cannot ignore. When one accepts the fact that we all live in fields of energy that control and regulate our being, then healing can begin.





Starcodes of Australia

The Vale is proud to announce that we are the US Distributors of Starcodes from Australia. Please see our store for new items.


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