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Making Health/ Wellness Choices

Take a look at the three pictures of cough medicine. Assume you are at the doctor's office with a cough/congestion. The nurse has presented you with the following three options: A) to swallow the cough medication right there before you leave the office; B) to take the bottle with you when you leave and take it at home; or C) pick the packaged bottle and take and medication at home. Which choice would you make? Why?




What is at work here is your awareness. There are certain experiences in our lives that teach us to be aware. We are aware that the bottle is labeled. The label may give us more information on the liquid inside and its expiration date, while the package contains even more information about the liquid and its proper use, which we would like to know.

However, maybe you should consider some additional elements that go with the product; while liquid contains certain ingredients that have been tested for the symptoms prescribed, the bottle has additional energetic ties to concerns about shelf life and storage, while the package has been designed in consultation with lawyers who review relevant lawsuits, and advertisement people that are expert on selling anything to anyone. All of these actions/consultations add to the energies surrounding the product.

The liquid is mainly water, which can be affected by human emotions and thoughts (see; Messages from Water). So, which option would you choose for someone to swallow to stop coughing? Consciousness can tell us which choice is helping us in life, then we might not need to read the labels all the time.