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MC (age 68) -- Sessions started May 2004, Connecticut

I cannot explain how they work or how beneficial they have been for me. For over 2 years my shoulders were so painful (despite massage therapy weekly), I literally could not use them. Now, while the shoulders are weak from non-use, I can begin physical therapy and exercises as my shoulders no longer hurt.

My jaw was also very painful. It was sometimes so sharp I was unable to chew (for as long as 6 weeks at a time).. I have had no pain in my jaw for the last 2-3 months.

My eyes were so bad a year ago that there was talk of blindness from glaucoma, the rapid build up of cataracts and an optic nerve that was gray and dying. Now, between a prescription of drops (Kalatan stopped the progress of the cataracts) and the Quantum Reflection sessions my glaucoma has actually improved from 21/22 to 17/18. My optic nerve has been declared pink and healthy as well. This is a great relief to an avid reader. My opthamologist said he does not know what I am doing, but to keep it up because he has never seen glaucoma reverse before.

Lately we have been working on knee and hip problems. These problems date back over 20 years. My walking is already easier, but climbing stairs is still problem. So is getting up from a seated position.

The arthritis in my hands, while still there, has improved enought to allow me to write, do some sewing and some crafts. What a pleasure to be able to resume cross-stitch and scrapbooking.

I feel it is important to tell you about an overall feeling of "good" after a session.

I look forward to healthy knees and hips and completely pain free hands as the QR sessions continue.






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